5-Star Yelp Reviews: April 2017

Ashley S.
Chicago, IL

I love the food here good variety and prices are great.

Tam N.
Chicago, IL

Deep dish pizza by the slice!! Yes that’s right – no more waiting an hour for a table and then an additional 45 minutes for your pizza to come to you.

My boyfriend and I went here and got 2 slices of the Art’s Meaty Delight deep dish ($3.95 each) and a piece of french bread ($1.75).

 Since it was a Tuesday, their special was a meatball sub for only $3.99!! I was so excited because I love a good meatball sub. I asked the cashier what I should get, a meatball sub or a slice of deep dish. Would definitely come back here for a slice to-go! So inexpensive!

Mr. Rocko C., Countryside, IL

I used to work in the area and that’s how I found out about this place… fast forward 5 years later and I still stop by whenever I’m in the area. Hands down the best stuff pizza in Chicago.

Cynthia N., New Orleans, LA

My friend and I were craving some pizza and didn’t have time to wait. Luckily we were close to the Art of Pizza and dropped in. Order at the counter, no fuss, no frills, no table service. I had a slice of their deep dish pizzas with sausage and bell peppers and it was great. This is a great spot to go if you want slices of deep dish without the wait. You can even mix and match. Solid and reliable.