The Best Deep Dish Pizza Pies In Chicago

Deep dish stands out from the rest of the pizza crowd with a high-edged bread that’s smothered with hefty amounts of stringy mozzarella cheese and fresh, chunky tomato sauce. It also happens to be probably the most indulgent slice you’ll find anywhere. It’s basically a glorious, savory pie. Now that you’re obviously craving it, here’s where to get the best deep dish pizza in Chi-Town.


The Art of Pizza ranks at the top of the list for Chicagoans. The inside of the restaurant is nothing special, but customers keep coming back, mainly for the herbed-crust pan pizzas and stuffed pizzas with intense amounts of mozzarella. The stuffed crust is about two inches tall on the outside and is noticeably less flakey than other deep dish pies around Chicago. The sauce is fresh with plenty of oregano and basil, and you’ll always have a solid selection of toppings. Pro tip: if you go for the whole pies, make sure you have a crew to share them with because these pies are tough to conquer solo.

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