The Best Deep Dish Pizza Pies In Chicago

Deep dish stands out from the rest of the pizza crowd with a high-edged bread that’s smothered with hefty amounts of stringy mozzarella cheese and fresh, chunky tomato sauce. It also happens to be probably the most indulgent slice you’ll find anywhere. It’s basically a glorious, savory pie. Now that you’re obviously craving it, here’s where to get the best deep dish pizza in Chi-Town.


The Art of Pizza ranks at the top of the list for Chicagoans. The inside of the restaurant is nothing special, but customers keep coming back, mainly for the herbed-crust pan pizzas and stuffed pizzas with intense amounts of mozzarella. The stuffed crust is about two inches tall on the outside and is noticeably less flakey than other deep dish pies around Chicago. The sauce is fresh with plenty of oregano and basil, and you’ll always have a solid selection of toppings. Pro tip: if you go for the whole pies, make sure you have a crew to share them with because these pies are tough to conquer solo.

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5-Star Yelp Review: Best bang for your buck.

Best bang for your buck. I order from there on a regular basis. These guys make delicious food including pizza, ribs, and manicotti. The specials come with so much food, I can get 2 or sometimes 3 meals out of it. They have parking and also deliver. I come a couple of times a week because they have great deals and daily specials. The service is always prompt, correct and courteous. I highly recommend!


Review originated from Yelp, Stephanie L., Chicago, IL Posted 11/16/2016

4-star Yelp Review: O Chicago deep dish pizza, how art thou wonderful!

O Chicago deep dish pizza,  how art thou wonderful!

Had lunch here with my family on the day before Thanksgiving in between touristy activities in good ole Chi Town.

I went with the spinach and mushroom slice since I usually take vegetarian options (or pescatarian) when eating out. WOW!  Delicious and gooey cheese.  Delicious sauce.  Perfect crust.  If I’m not mistaken, my host family member’s paid 3.99 each for the slices.  My sweetie had some type of meat lover’s slice and was so impressed with it.  One of my nephews ordered an Italian beef sandwich.  We waited quite some time for it.  When we checked on it, they had forgotten all about it.  They apologized and took care of it quickly.

If I am visiting this part of town again, I would love another slice here!


Review originated from Yelp, Lilah D. Los Angeles, CA. Posted 11/26/2016

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5-Star TripAdvisor Review: Awesome

This place is down the block from where I live so it’s very convenient to come here. The pizza is just awesome and is only 4 dollars a slice. I come here to grab one at least once a weekend.


Review originated from TripAdvisor, Mark H. from Chicago, posted 8/10/2015

The 10 Best Deep Dish Pizza Places in Chicago, Ranked – voted No 2. by the

Voted No 2. – Lakeview
A Tribune poll some years ago named this the best deep dish in town, and as far as stuffed goes, we won’t argue. It just gets everything right, from the flaky crust to the brightly spiced tomato sauce on top. For Lakeview, at least, it revived a style that had gotten kind of chain-boring. The pizza is big and robust enough on its own that we wouldn’t even mess with meat. Cheese or spinach is fine (and the sausage is a little weird, anyway).
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5-Star Yelp Review: Secret spot for locals

Loved it; the pizza was great, and it has the real “secret spot for locals” vibe that made me feel like a true off-the-beaten path tourist. Great prices, too. I walked away full, and that’s what counts.



Review originated from Yelp, Frank C. from Canada, posted 8/5/2015
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5-Star Yelp Review: I love, love, love Art of Pizza

I love love LOVE Art of Pizza. This is what true Chicago deep dish pizza was meant to be. So delicious!

I’ve had a lot of deep dish pizzas from all over Chicago, and I can’t think of many that serve as better competition. You’re doing everything right, Arty. Never ever change.


Review originated from Yelp, Ruth R. posted 5/4/2015

5-Star Facebook Review: Atleast once a month

Found this awesome pizza many years ago and go there at least once a month for a large stuffed sausage, pepperoni & spinach for the family. The sauce is perfection and the cheese (plenty of it) is divine and well all the ingredients & crust…is why I go back. They take pride in their product and the employees are great too. If you haven’t tried it…ya should. Stop by for a slice (eats like a full meal) only $3.66 I think. ❤️Art of Pizza aka Pizza Perfection

Review originated from Facebook, Diana Argudo Campos, posted 01/29/2015
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4-star Review: Art of Pizza is spectacular.

Art of Pizza is spectacular. Just a little while ago it was just a small storefront with lines that went out the door. Now that it has expanded, the bright, so-so atmosphere of the adjacent dining room is conducive to dining in.

Now to the pizza. Buttery, crunchy crusts on the stuffed pizzas is what makes me come back for more. Their pizza delivery is reliable and often busy. But if you want just a slice, for less than $3, you can get a delicious slice of pizza (either thin crust or stuffed). I got a slice of stuffed spinach and mushroom and a slice of stuffed cheese. My brother got the chicken Parmesan dinner, which was gigantic and came with a mediocre iceberg salad.

All in all, as a native Chicagoan, the Art of Pizza is one of the pizza greats in Chicago, and a relatively hidden gem. Why wait for hours to get a table at one of those other tourist traps when you can walk right in to the Art and get arguably the best pizza for the buck?

Originally reported on the Chicago Reader, Michael S on 05/01/2007
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