ph-thrillist.comCritics tend to dismiss Chicago deep dish as overblown, casserole-like, and a monstrosity next to New York thin crust. In fact, no one likes deep dish… except every tourist who comes here, makes a beeline for Pizzeria Uno or Gino’s or Giordano’s, and staggers out two hours later as happy as a zombie on the Thanksgiving episode of The Walking Dead.

The writer’s at surveyed the city far and wide to come up with their own list of the very best, leaving off some famous names and including some you’ve probably never heard of. Happy gorging, Chicago-style.

1. The Art of Pizza


Tribune poll some years ago named this the best deep dish in town, and as far as stuffed goes, we won’t argue. It just gets everything right, from the flaky crust to the brightly spiced tomato sauce on top. For Lakeview, at least, it revived a style that had gotten kind of chain-boring. The pizza is big and robust enough on its own that we wouldn’t even mess with meat. Cheese or spinach is fine (and the sausage is a little weird, anyway).


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