5-Star Yelp Review: Best bang for your buck.

Best bang for your buck. I order from there on a regular basis. These guys make delicious food including pizza, ribs, and manicotti. The specials come with so much food, I can get 2 or sometimes 3 meals out of it. They have parking and also deliver. I come a couple of times a week because they have great deals and daily specials. The service is always prompt, correct and courteous. I highly recommend!


Review originated from Yelp, Stephanie L., Chicago, IL Posted 11/16/2016

4-star Yelp Review: O Chicago deep dish pizza, how art thou wonderful!

O Chicago deep dish pizza,  how art thou wonderful!

Had lunch here with my family on the day before Thanksgiving in between touristy activities in good ole Chi Town.

I went with the spinach and mushroom slice since I usually take vegetarian options (or pescatarian) when eating out. WOW!  Delicious and gooey cheese.  Delicious sauce.  Perfect crust.  If I’m not mistaken, my host family member’s paid 3.99 each for the slices.  My sweetie had some type of meat lover’s slice and was so impressed with it.  One of my nephews ordered an Italian beef sandwich.  We waited quite some time for it.  When we checked on it, they had forgotten all about it.  They apologized and took care of it quickly.

If I am visiting this part of town again, I would love another slice here!


Review originated from Yelp, Lilah D. Los Angeles, CA. Posted 11/26/2016