5-Star TripAdvisor Review: Awesome

This place is down the block from where I live so it’s very convenient to come here. The pizza is just awesome and is only 4 dollars a slice. I come here to grab one at least once a weekend.


Review originated from TripAdvisor, Mark H. from Chicago, posted 8/10/2015

The 10 Best Deep Dish Pizza Places in Chicago, Ranked – voted No 2. by the Thrillist.com

Voted No 2. – Lakeview
A Tribune poll some years ago named this the best deep dish in town, and as far as stuffed goes, we won’t argue. It just gets everything right, from the flaky crust to the brightly spiced tomato sauce on top. For Lakeview, at least, it revived a style that had gotten kind of chain-boring. The pizza is big and robust enough on its own that we wouldn’t even mess with meat. Cheese or spinach is fine (and the sausage is a little weird, anyway).
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Originally ranked by the Thrillist.com

5-Star Yelp Review: Secret spot for locals

Loved it; the pizza was great, and it has the real “secret spot for locals” vibe that made me feel like a true off-the-beaten path tourist. Great prices, too. I walked away full, and that’s what counts.



Review originated from Yelp, Frank C. from Canada, posted 8/5/2015
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