TimeOut Chicago: Time Out Recommended Award 2016

recommended_by_timeout_red_mediumDon’t get us wrong, we love the fresh toppings, including meaty chunks of mild sausage and fresh vegetables that are crisp and crunchy when you bite into them. But it’s really the sauce—full of fresh tomato flavor, speckled with oregano, basil and the faintest hint of red pepper—that’s made this pizzeria an institution. Both the deep-dish and the (not very thin) thin-crust resist sogginess after a night in the fridge, making them the breakfast of champions.

Here is a little bit of what people are saying about The Art of Pizza on TimeOut Chicago:
5-Stars: Jill FTastemaker
Jul 19, 2016

I think the two highlights here are the affordability and craveability (is that a word? oh well!). I got a huge signature deep dish slice (sausage, mushrooms, peppers) of pizza for about $4 I believe. It was delicious and super filling for a dinner. I think this place is ideal as a cheap dinner spot before seeing a show at Schuba’s or as an affordable catering option for a social/family event.

3-Stars: Clayton Guse
Aug 28, 2015

Chicagoans are often upset by the stereotype of deep dish pizza (our thin crust is by far the golden child), but Art of Pizza’s is hard to resist.

You can get a slice to go—but you might as well sit down over a pie that’s fresh out of the oven.

Photograph: Brendan Lekan
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