4-star Review: Art of Pizza is spectacular.

Art of Pizza is spectacular. Just a little while ago it was just a small storefront with lines that went out the door. Now that it has expanded, the bright, so-so atmosphere of the adjacent dining room is conducive to dining in.

Now to the pizza. Buttery, crunchy crusts on the stuffed pizzas is what makes me come back for more. Their pizza delivery is reliable and often busy. But if you want just a slice, for less than $3, you can get a delicious slice of pizza (either thin crust or stuffed). I got a slice of stuffed spinach and mushroom and a slice of stuffed cheese. My brother got the chicken Parmesan dinner, which was gigantic and came with a mediocre iceberg salad.

All in all, as a native Chicagoan, the Art of Pizza is one of the pizza greats in Chicago, and a relatively hidden gem. Why wait for hours to get a table at one of those other tourist traps when you can walk right in to the Art and get arguably the best pizza for the buck?

Originally reported on the Chicago Reader, Michael S on 05/01/2007
Photo compliments of Yelp Reviews

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